Sunday, February 9, 2014

Million Dollar Island

Million Dollar Island
  It was a boring, sunny day in summer. Beau, 18 and graduated from high school, layed on his bed and stared out the window with his headphones in. He needed some alone time to think about all the pressure that he was being put under about college. Beau knew that college wasn’t for him. He struggled getting passing grades in high school because nothing had interested him. He was more interested in nature, and things that he thought would be more helpful to him in the real world. Beau had a different way of looking at things, He didn’t think that exams and tests should determine his future. Beau knew exactly what he wanted, but Beau didn’t exactly know how to get there. He wanted to travel the world and experience new things but he had no idea how to do that successfully.
   As Beau was listening to his music, an ad came on, “Hi, Im Adam Scott, More known as the second richest person in the world. Being this rich is getting old, So i have a contest out, theres an Island, a small island, hidden somewhere  off the east coast. I have many treasures on that island and who ever finds it first, gets it. For more information visit” Beau got really interested so he went and checked the website out.
  The website said that theres an island somewhere off of cape cod, Massachusetts that Adam Scott owns. Adam doesnt want the island anymore because he feels like someone else should have it. But the tricky part is that know one knows whats on the island, or how big it is. It could be a pile of dirt or a giant island. There are clues at certain spots that will lead you closer but you have to be smart and quick so you will be the first one to find it.
  Beau thought that it couldnt hurt to try and find it! What an exciting mission he thought. He talked to his mom about it and she thought that it would be a great experience for Beau but she didnt think that he would get very far. Beau went back on the website and read the first clue it said “I like to boat on nice Yacht, Maybe drink some wine, With a nice lady , with a name like Martha…? I love to look across the ocean and see Cape cod when the suns going down….” Beau was smart and right away he knew Adam was talking about Marthas Vineyard, and he had an exact spot in mind….
  Beau waited a few days, planned out his trip a little bit, said his good byes, and set off to Marthas Vineyard. He drove to a port on Cape cod and bought a ticket to boat to Marthas Vineyard. As soon as the boat was docking on the vineyard, Beau looked around and kew he was in the spot. There were hundreds of tourists and plenty of yachts. He never thought he would find the right boat though. He walked around for a while seeing if any boats were attracting tourists. He didnt see anything special until he looked up to find a massive yacht with the word “SCOTT” in big letters on the side of it. It was the yacht. Beau inspected it a little to see that there was a helicopter on top of it but no people. He didnt see anywhere to get on and he didnt want to be rude so he was stumped. He sat on a rock close by to sit and think. Should he quit now and go home, or keep searching? Beau had a lot of thinking to do. He saw some graffiti on the rock so he stood up to read it, It said “Why are you reading this rock? Go get some icecream near by -A.S.” The next clue!
  Beau walked back up to the strip and on his way there he found an ice cream stand, He ordered an ice cream and asked the man if he knew anything about Adam Scott.
“Yeah i’v seen Adam a few times, did you see his yacht over there?” said the man.
“Yes! Thats actually why im here, for his contest!” Beau said excitedly.
“ Well in that case, Mr.Scott would want me to pass this on..” the man handed Beau a little paper.
  The paper read “Clever clever are we? Well since you’ve made it this far i can tell you’re a smart one, maybe even smart enough to find my island? Lets see if you can work this one out then…. I have a friend named Ed, hes a GARdner, In a little town. He also knows a few things about my island, but Ed, has nothing to do with this contest(;”
  This clue stumped Beau a little but since he grew up around here, it hit him right away. Edgartown! Thats what all the letters that stood out spelled too! Beau found a bus and went on his way.
  He arrived in Edgartown, but where to go from here was the real question. He walked around for a while but started to get tired and he had no clue where to go from here. Beau found a motel hear bye and checked in for the night.
   He woke up bright and early and got his map out. He looked at all the tourists spots but nothing stood out to him. He decided to ask the woman at the counter if she had known about Adam Scott being around the area.
“Hi, im Beau, I was wondering if you knew anything about Adam Scott being around here at all?”
“Hi! Im Marium, but im sorry, i dont know much about Mr.scott…” said Marium.
“I know a few spots where Adam Scott has been seen around here….” A woman reading the newspaper near bye said. “Yeah it even says right here in the local paper that Mr.Scott was just seen fishing at a spot right down the street!”
  Beau thought that the clue must be there! He got the address and walked down the street to the spot he sat at a picnic bench and watched a few people fish. He looked down and saw a piece of paper folded up sticking out from under the bench, the clue, he prayed, and sure it was! This one said “ Smart enough to ask for help im guessing? I think you could potentially own my island. I like you. My assistant, Katie, works from 8am-8pm in the office builing on North street, She should be able to help you from here.”
  Beau went to the building and asked for Katie.
“Hello, What can i help you with?” asked Katie.
  Beau handed her the note and she knew exactly what to do.
“So your the one, huh? Ill give Mr.scott a call, he should be here shortly” She said with a smile.
“Im going to meet Adam Scott?!” Beau said excitedly!
“Well of course!” replied Katie.
  Adam showed up about an hour later. He was so pleased to meet Beau and he knew that Beau was the right man to show to the island. Adam brought him to a certain area on the ocean, he put him in a dinky boat, showed him how to drive the boat, and said “keep going east, you’ll know when you’re there” and sent Beau on his way. Beau drove east for about 30 minutes, and sure enough he arrived. He got out of the boat, he saw a giant Yacht, A beautiful mansion, stores and other things. He heard a phone ringing so he looked around until he saw a payphone. Might as well answer he thought.
“Hello?” Beau said.
“Its all yours kid, Have fun and live a life full of adventures” said Mr.Scott.
  It was everything Beau dreamed of, he called his mom, and went to go pick her up in his brand new helicopter.

Monday, October 7, 2013


1. Unhospitable- She doesnt like to associate with people. Shes not that friendly with people.
2. Awkward- She doesnt really know how to hold conversations with people. She doesnt do well in social gatherings.
3. Prudish- She doesnt like to be rebelious. She doesnt like things that are against her morals.
4. Shy- She is quiet. She doesnt like people to hear her opinions.
5. Abandoned- Her old friends dont want to be her friend anyomr because of a situation that had happened that really messed up Melinda already. She feels alone because her friends ditched her.

   I think abandoned is a good word to describe her because she doesnt have many people to help her out. Since her friends ditched her she can’t do things like sit with people at lunch. “I ditched my tray and bolt for the door” page 8. That is a good example because it shows that she had know one to run too when that embarrassing incident happened.
  I think shy is also a good word to describe her. She doesnt want people to hear her opinions or much that she has to say. She wants to be alone more and not comment on what people say about her. “She turns her back to me and laughs with her friends.” page 5. That is a good example because she could say something like to stop laughing at her but instead she keeps her mouth shut and doesnt comment on it.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Please don't eat me

Summer reading essay
Junior- the absolutely true diary of a part time Indian
Matt-house of the scorpions

  Two teens were chosen at random, they were picked to go to an isolated island for 1 week.  They only people who would be on this island would be the two teens chosen. The point of this would be to see how teens who don't know each other, would react if put together and not have a choice other than to get along, or part ways and have to live on their own.
  Junior arrived to the island first. He scoped it out a little, the small island it was. The first thing he did was collect sticks so he could build some fire and shelter. Being from this Indian tribe he knew how to do these kind of things. He built his fire and just waited until he would meet his hopefully called friend. He saw a plane land on the other side and went to go check it out.
   As Matt was landing he saw someone moving, he assumed it was the other teen. As soon he judged him, checking what kind of condition he was in, seeing if he was smart looking or not. Matt landed and walked around, towards where he saw Junior and waited.
  As soon as they saw each other they shared smiles and went to introduce each other. They shared some information about each other, where their from and such. Junior showed Matt the fire he built and the where he thought the shelter should be. Matt agreed for the most part.  
   Matt being the genius he was, never stopped thinking about different ways to do things. He thought the shelter could be in a better location, but he kept his mouth shut, knowing that he would be together for a week he thought it would be better if they just got a long.
“Hey, im Matt.”

“Junior” he replied, giving a gentle handshake.

“So... this is kind of awkward” Matt said.

“Just a little (chuckle) but we should get used to it, we’re going to be together for a while” said Junior with a smirk.

“Very true” replied Matt.

“Well i’v already started making a shelter and a fire, i’v had some experience before so i thought i might as well keep busy, while i waited for you.”

“Oh good! That will probably save us some time later on, my old body guard had taught me a few things on survival outside, he showed me whaat plants to eat and stuff like that” Matt said.

“That should come in handy!, If i’m going to be stuck on this island for a week, im glad its with someone who has survival skills like you!” Junior said cheerfully.

“Same! I feel like we will get along just fine!”

   After 3 days Matt and Junior argued on few things, but got along like best friends. They found a bunch of things to do, Junior taught Matt some Indian things and Matt taught Junior things that his bodyguard had taught him. They were struggling on finding food because they were on an island but they managed.
  The week had gone by and Matt and Junior didn't want to leave. They were having the best time being friends and not having to live with rules or people telling them what to do. It was hard for them both to adjust but they did it fine.
   The study's showed that strange teens get along well when others not peer pressuring them or others not egging things on. It also showed teens need to learn more real life skills rather than doing things that will not help them when they graduate.